Week of 22 January 2024

Highlights from recent articles, case-studies and development updates.

Your relationships are your single biggest undervalued asset!

As a student of business relationships for more than two decades, Nour shares his unique perspective in understanding the nuanced interplay of human connection for strategic personal and professional growth. Read the full article as Nour transforms the academic rigor of Social Network Analysis into an engaging narrative.

Development Update for Relationship Bank

The Avnir team ended 2023 by developing a prototype for the new Relationship Bank digital platform. Nour is also actively gathering feedback from trusted advisors and friends that is helping shape our future features and functionalities. Jenn is leading the team actively developing our MVP, which will be released to beta users as early as Q2-2024.

Business leaders need to understand the impacts that AI can have on the strategic growth of their business and their team members and how it will change how they work. In this recent article, Jenn provides tactical advice and three questions to discuss as your organization shapes your AI strategy.

Intelligent Growth is Back for a Second Season!

We’re going shorter this season! Applying the advice we give to clients on leveraging data to make decisions in all aspects of business, we’ve shortened the show as our audience data shows that most are engaged for about 30-35 minutes.

We are making the show more practical, pragmatic, and actionable. We’ve added a new segment called “5 in 10,” where Nour and Jenn yin and yang through five questions about new technologies they are testing, insightful books or podcasts, and tactics you can apply immediately.

There is a great lineup of guests in the next few weeks, and we are adding all the show notes and recommendations to our Avnir Forum to continue the conversation.

Please come and join us with your questions, comments, and thoughts every Tuesday at Noon Eastern, live on LinkedIn, or anytime wherever you consume podcasts!

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