People are Killing Linkedin

Overposting entirely personal content is driving away professional users

Stop killing LinkedIn!

Here is an unpopular opinion, especially from the Relationship Economics guy: What is the fastest way to lose followers and connections on LinkedIn?

Treat it like it's Facebook!

We need to stop with the grandstanding, personal billboards, and "I want to thank the academy and my parents for having me" posts!

Love your kids and your pets, but honestly - they don't belong here. We're all heartbroken by what we see happening in Ukraine and the Middle East. No American is proud of our political divisiveness. You played golf at a stunning resort? Brilliant. Spent last week in Vegas? Fantastic. Finally took the vacation you so richly deserve? Really happy for you. Honestly. Please post those on Facebook, Instagram, Slack, and other sites.

LinkedIn is among the few remaining social media destinations most of us come to for interesting content, unique insights, and independent perspectives from our hybrid relationships.

If you are going to post, how about we all make it less about us and more about how others are better off because of us?

Share your unique lens of the same situation we all face. Share takeaways from that conference or award ceremony. Reference others we should all follow and learn from. Bolster the success of others, and let's cheer them on.

LinkedIn is a forum for the exchange of Relationship Currency. This is an opportunity to develop your Reputation Capital. And hopefully, along with the incredible impact you're creating daily, build your Professional Net Worth over time.

Forget about algorithms, impressions, ranking, likes, shares, badges, and reposts for a minute. Just try to add value! How can others benefit from what you post?

It starts with each of us. Commit to posting more impactful, interesting, and engaging content to improve the lives and work of others. This has been an unpopular PSA.

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